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Constituents of The 49th District, San Diego, California, United States of America


The Darrell Issa Social Advisory Council

January 31, 2017

 WHEREAS, Founders Richard Lao, Ken Khoury, Kelley Gusich and Lori Vagner, constituents of the 49th Congressional District of California, saw a need for a conduit between Congressman Darrell Issa and concerned constituents, in the wake of a turbulent 2016 election cycle, and

 WHEREAS, in light of Congressman Issa's slim .005% victory during the aforementioned 2016 election, and his knowledge of the importance of a renewed and intense focus on a "...priority to continue reaching across the aisle and seeking new partnerships to advance new solutions to the issues we so desperately need to address."¹; and

 WHEREAS, A substantial number of the American populace has expressed a fear of a culture of isolation imposed upon the country, instead of inclusion for all people, regardless of gender, cultural history, socioeconomic status, race, religion, or orientation; and

 WHEREAS, There is, as a result of this turbulent electoral cycle, an obvious and crucial need to "...reset Washington’s focus back to where it belongs: on [our] concerns, [our] ideas, and the issues most important to [us]"¹; and

 WHEREAS, Californians have a recognition of our need to cherish, preserve and protect the health and well-being of ALL its citizens and their freedoms;  and

 WHEREAS those freedoms should include a health care program which is affordable and accessible to all citizens, and access to a quality public education and infrastructure; and

 WHEREAS those freedoms should include an interest in preservation of the planet around us, including focus on climate science research and maintaining an interest in a profusion of renewable and clean energy research and implementation; and now, therefore be it

 RESOLVED, That DISAC will work tirelessly to spotlight, remind and encourage our congressman Darrell Issa to remember, that, "In the midst of it all, of great concern is that [our congress and senate] will ignore the clear message voters sent us: that Washington needs to listen more, talk less and renew its focus on actually getting things done."¹ and, be it

 FURTHER RESOLVED, That DISAC was created to assist and advise Darell Issa and the people with whom he surrounds himself to answer a question from large numbers of concerned Americans, eloquently posed in the January 24,2017 issue of the Washington Post:  "The question is: How cynical are we willing to be and for how long? How long will Senate Republicans wait until a few of them stand up to [Donald Trump]."²; and, be it

 FURTHER RESOLVED, That DISAC will continue its mission of advising and assisting our congressional representatives, including the expansion of membership, and connection with and support of like-minded groups such as The California 49th District Action Network , in the understanding that such mission is an effective way to promote understanding of constituent concern and create corresponding action by those who ostensibly represent our needs in our government; and be it

 FURTHER RESOLVED That these Constituents of The 49th District, San Diego, California, United States of America,  proclaim the creation of DISAC, the Darryl Issa Social Advisory Council, on this Day of January 31, 2017, and enter the names of our founders and initial membership roster to the public and to Darrell Issa’s Congressional Office .




January 31, 2017




Richard Lao, lawyer, investor,

Ken Khoury, Forensic and Addiction Psychiatrist, University of California, San Diego

Lori Vagner, Owner, Forte Salon, Solana Beach, California

Kelley Gusich, retired high school educator, writer, board member 4s Ranch Library Friends




Beth Guelder Zaletski, member, military spouse

Maria Athar, member

Kerri McWeeny, member, Molecular Biologist, Marketing Director

Cass Kaminetz, member, lawyer, PTA President and community volunteer, former grant writer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters San Diego

Dave Eichinger, member, Professor City College San Diego

Deva Edelman, member, realtor, Secretary of CMR/Sabre Springs Community Council

Anna Sabrina Leitner, member


¹Issa, Darrell http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/commentary/sd-utbg-issa-congress-trump-20170125-story.html

²Keillor, Garrison https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/help-us-gop-youre-our-only-hope/2017/01/24/56bca6ce-e27a-11e6-ba11-63c4b4fb5a63_story.html?utm_term=.8a5c4bdbac94

As you all know, this election is making me very upset. So I and a small group of friends and neighbors have started a group. We're going to try and pester our congressman and use our voices  as much as possible to KEEP our country great, nonea this nonsense about 'Making it great again.' That's nonsense.  America is great.


So this is my blog: the proclamation. I also put up a webpage on my Facebook page called DISAC. Go, and like it if you  want! Or, if you happen to be a constituent of California's 49th Congressional District, join us!

I'd love to hear your views! Until next time: STAY MYSTIFIED!

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Blog January 15, 2017 The Mystery of The Illusion of Control...or Is It?


I know I've written before about my control freakishness regarding things which I have no control, but right now I'm sort of questioning that. What I mean is, do I have more control than I think? 


Here're two examples of what I mean: first, babies. Around 25 years ago, maybe a little less, I started trying to get pregnant. First it was with my first husband, a mistake in timing for sure, because it was the wrong guy and for the wrong reasons. Next, when I turned 30, I tried to do it by myself with a sperm donor, because I knew I wanted kids but I didn't know if I'd ever meet the right person. Then, I met the right person, and we started trying right away. In none of these three situations was I getting pregnant, because my menstrual cycle was all wonky--I wasn't ovulating until super late, like day 21 or 22 in the cycle. I tried things to hasten the ovulation date--Clomid and some other med that was used to treat breast cancer but I can't remember what it was called. Doesn't really matter what it was called, because it didn't work. After over a year of trying with Jim (the third example) we started talking about in vitro or adoption, but the thing that turned it around and actually CHANGED MY MENSTRUAL CYCLE was acupuncture, and I got these two beautiful boys out of that.


Then there's the writing. Something I've always wanted to do and have always felt like I'm good at, but the fact that the whole process wasn't going as quickly for me as I thought it should has caused me to reevaluate how I do it and work harder at reeducating and reworking things which maybe, just maybe weren't as fantastic as I thought they were. And my career as a writer is starting to move more in the direction I want, including  an Amazon bestseller title!


So, having children and having writing success are big things, things which outside forces could very easily have intervened to prevent me from having. And that is ultimately beyond my control, I guess, but here's what I know: I wanted children, and if I wouldn't have been able to have them out of my belly, I would've adopted some. And if I couldn't have done that, I would've fostered some UNTIL I could figure out a way to adopt them. And as for the writing, of the situation I'm in now doesn't continue on the track I'm on now, I'll jump the track and rev the engine in a new direction. 


I hate the way this election turned out, and felt very powerless to do anything beyond just casting my vote, which didn't go the way I'd planned. Then I read this handbook: Indivisible , and I'm feeling more and more like I can do my own little activist thing every day, and hopefully help steer that giant ship just a little bit back to a truer course.

I guess I feel like I do have a bit more control over uncontrollable things than my blog posts have stated before, although it's still a little early to comment on that third one...The jury's still out.

I'd love to hear your views! Until then...Stay Mystified!
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Shades of my Firstborn?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

5:00 PM

Blog January 21, 2017

Shades of my firstborn?


Its Sunday, January 21, 2017. The president number 45, has given his inaugural address. The day after that, millions of people worldwide have protested to focus on rights they fear they'll lose in this new administration. Many people have pledged to stay focused on this new administration to ensure that no one goes backwards in terms of the rights we have been afforded in the past 200 years. Some people are afraid those rights will be lost.


My oldest son is named Gray like the color, but with an Ey. Grey. On the day Donald Trump was elected, he cried. When I asked him why he was crying he said "because I don't want Donald Trump as my president". Since he is only 10 years old, and Obama has been his president for his entire life, I understood why he was crying. I tried to explain about the cyclical nature of politics and the swing of the pendulum and all of that stuff because of course this the worst thing that happens if you're a mom or dad: the sight of your child's tears. You want nothing more than to make those tears go away.


But the thing I realized, in the wake of this historical time, is how symbolically cool it is that I named my son Grey. I've been trying to be more active since the election, cofounding and organization designed to hold our congressmen accountable for the decisions that are made during this term, calling my representatives already multiple times since the election. I plan to keep calling and keep pestering. But I think the change that has happened, and myself and hopefully in others, is a realization that compromise is the order of the minute, the order of the second. The order of the millennium. I realized more than ever how crucial it is to look at ideas and events through the lens of shades of gray, not black-and-white. Nothing is strictly either-or, and until people truly start to realize that, any presidency or electoral term will remain what it has been for some time now: a big fugly stalemate.


I'm trying my hardest to live by the symbolism of my eldest son's name, even though that wasn't on my mind when I named him. I just think it's cool.


And hey, guess what! I think my other son's name falls under the same category unbeknownst to me! His name is Griffen, and although his name sake is a mythological creature, and I took that name because I used to teach mythology and I think it's really cool, it's still could be the same kind of symbol! A gryphon is a combo-creature: part lion, part eagle. Its lore heralds it as a symbol of divine power; a guardian of the divine. So I think its importance for this metaphor is twofold: it's not EITHER a snake OR a lion, rather it is a melding of both. And I think it is DIVINE to be able to look at things from more than one point of view. I'm trying to GUARD that, both in the way I'm raising my children and in the way I want to do my part in guarding the freedoms we as a nation have worked so hard to instill. In a compromising way, of course! 👍😜🇺🇸


I'd love to hear your views! Until next time: Stay Mystified!

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Blog February 5, 2017


The Mystery of 'Embracing the Suck', AKA The Illusion of Control, Part 3


 I just finished watching a Tina Fey movie called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Have you seen it? I don't think it got very good reviews, but I enjoyed it immensely. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think.


OK everything now is going to have a bunch of spoilers, so don't watch the blog or listen to the blog or read the blog if you want to watch the movie.


So the basic premise of the movie is that Tina Fey is a reporter, and she does news copy from behind a desk all day every day. She experiences some disenchantment with her job and wants to do more correspondent-type reporting, so she goes to Afghanistan. (The movie takes place in the early 2000's)

 The part that stuck with me started early and all wrapped up at the end, and it involved her interaction with an American soldier in Afghanistan. He made a comment about the relative quiet of the area in which he was stationed, and she took a soundbyte out that basically said he never needs to unleash his weapon--never unhooked his weapon from his shoulders or prepares his weapon to be fired because he doesn't need to. So the army takes him to task with this and transfers him to a more intense area, where his legs get blown off.

Anyway, by the end of the movie Tina Fey, feeling guilty about her presumed role in this soldier's injury, goes to visit him in his small town and gives him the ability to 'ream her royally', basically, for his injuries.

What the soldier said, was that she was giving herself too much credit: she was not the 12-year-old Jihadist to have planted that IED in the ground. Maybe, he said, if BinLaden's parents hadn't gotten divorced, the US wouldn't have been in Afghanistan at all. Maybe the Taliban wouldn't have been there in the first place, were it not for the mistakes of Leonid Brehznev. And maybe, he said, it's the fault of The British Empire. His point was that she gave herself way too much responsibility, pointing out all the things which had to happen to culminate in the loss of his legs.

 "There's only so much any of us have control of, good or bad," he said. "You've gotta move on. You embrace the suck, and move the fuck forward. What other choice do we have?"

The scene, and the movie, made total sense to me. Although, obviously I have HUGE issues with the actual implementation of this idea, since I would obviously feel totally responsible for the soldier losing his legs. But the part of me that knows I shouldn't feel that way loved the movie, loved the message of the movie.

Plus I also like the little internal rhyme in the soldier's motto: Embrace the suck and move the fuck forward, y'all.


I'd love to hear your views! Until then: Stay Mystified!

Here's the movie trailer from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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